No Equal has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $10,000.00.  I cannot thank you enough for the incredible support and commitment to this very important film.  Contributions can still be made and will be very much welcomed.  Please send an email to for more information.

All the very best to everyone and to our women in the military!

I’d like to thank the following people for making the Kickstater campaign a success:

Oria Shadmon

Sandra Donovan

Adam Rosen

Marie Nardi

Jean Mineo

John Freedman

Ilene & Andy Effenson

David & Donna Podlosky

Alan Dickman & Hilary Bruce

Jany Finkielsztein

Laurence J Sloss

Michael Gelb

Lois & Herb Lemelman

Richard Lipof

Marcia Karp

Jessica & Peter Blume-Jensen

Mary Jane Markle

Judy Oriel

Jane Mullowney

Cathy & Glenn Burns

Margaret Brady

Betsy Corman, In Memory of the Annie Lerner Family

Brian Burns

Kent A. Fitzpatrick

Scott Thompson

Peter Mowschenson

Seth Abrams

Lisa Cordeiro

Charlotte Swartz

Cheryl Gersh

Jean Zielinski

Peter Rhodes

Pauline Alighieri

Laura Johnson

Kris Maun

Dolores Roubian

Nina McGrane

Howard & Elizabeth Fromkin

Warren Patterson

Jan Lind

Diana Bailey

Sarah Pray

June Hollis

Deborah Belle

Greg Burns

Ataieh Vafai

Jeff Burns

Kathleen Holden

Marian Anastasi

Marian Dioguardi

Garey Burns